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27-Mar-20 Market Watch
(7:00 AM)
That Was Fast, The Bear Market Has Ended
Tim Mulholland, President, TJM Limited
26-Mar-20 Market Watch
(7:00 AM)
The Great Cash Smorgasbord of 2020
Vishnu Varathan, Head of Economics & Strategy, Mizuho Bank
25-Mar-20 Market Watch
(7:00 AM)
A Glimmer of Hope
Jack Kouzi, Director of Strategy , VFS Group
24-Mar-20 Market Watch
(7:00 AM)
Too Many Unknowns at the Moment
Joe Quinlan, Chief Market Strategist , US Trust-BOA Private Wealth Management
23-Mar-20 Market Watch
(7:00 AM)
Economic Support is in the System
Kingsley Jones, Chief Investment Officer , Jevons Global
20-Mar-20 Market Watch
(9:15 AM)
Are There Good REIT Plays In This The Market Downturn?
Chan Jit Hoong, Analyst, Hong Leong Investment Bank
20-Mar-20 Market Watch
(7:00 AM)
Is RM30 Billion Enough Liquidity for the Malaysian Banking System?
Carlos Casanova, Chief Asia Economist, Coface
19-Mar-20 Market Watch
(7:00 AM)
Could Cov-19 Finally Kill the EU?
Tony Nash, Chief Executive Officer, Complete Intelligence
18-Mar-20 Market Watch
(7:00 AM)
Is Market Volatility The New Norm?
Han Tan, Market Analyst, FXTM
17-Mar-20 Market Watch
(9:15 AM)
Keep Calm, Think Long
Patrick Chang, Regional Chief Investment Officer, Principal Asset Management.
17-Mar-20 Market Watch
(7:00 AM)
Is The Bear Market Here To Stay?
Joe Quinlan, Chief Market Strategist, US Trust-BOA Private Wealth Management.
16-Mar-20 Market Watch
(7:00 AM)
Fed Cuts To Zero, Will Others Follow Suit?
Stephen Innes, Asia-Pacific Market Strategist, AxiTrader
13-Mar-20 Market Watch
(7:00 AM)
Fiscal Spending is Key
Tim Mulholland, President, TJM Limited
12-Mar-20 Market Watch
(9:15 AM)
Where to Hide In These Times?
Chow Wei Nien, Consumer Analyst , Affin Hwang Capital
12-Mar-20 Market Watch
(7:00 AM)
Policy Action Kicks In as Bull Market Officially Ends
Tony Nash, CEO, Complete Intelligence
11-Mar-20 Market Watch
(9:15 AM)
Better Days for Oil in 2021
Kannika Siamwalla, Head of Regional Oil and Gas, RHB Group .

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