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Guidelines for the Movement Control Order and Recovery Movement Control Order

In light of the recent announcement that certain economic sectors can reopen under conditions, we have compiled all the Standard Operating Procedures provided by the government.

List of documents
Agricommodities MCO SOP Updated 25th May 2021
Capital Markets during MCO
Construction Sector MCO SOP Updated 24th May 2021
Court of Law Operations During Full MCO updated 29th May 2021
Creative Industry MCO SOP updated 24th May 2021
Daycare and special homes SOP updated 15th February 2021
Driving School SOP for MCO updated 12th February 2021
Education Sector SOP for MCO updated 1 Mac 2021
Electrical Supply in MCO areas
Entry to Labuan Federal Territory MCO SOP updated 26th May 2021
eTrading SOP for MCO updated 5th February 2021
Farming Sector for MCO areas
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur MCO SOP Updated 7th May 2021
Flight School MCO SOP updated 12th February 2021
Food and Farming for MCO areas updated 15th January 2021
Hairdresser SOP for MCO updated 9th February 2021
Hari Raya Aidiladha 2021 National Recovery Plan Phase 1 SOP
Hari Raya Aidiladha 2021 National Recovery Plan Phase 2 SOP
Higher Education MCO SOP updated 13th January 2021
Higher education sector MCO SOP updated 25th May 2021
Homecoming of matriculation students in MCO areas
Homecoming SOP of Graduating Matriculation Students
Hotels and Accommodation MCO SOP updated 13th January 2021
Housing and Local Government MCO SOP updated 18th March 2021
Information Technology Services SOP for MCO updated 5th February 2021
Legal Affairs for Movement Control Order updated 13th Jan 2021
List of Necessary Services Allowed to Operate
Manufacturing Industrial and Services Sectors MCO SOP Updated 24th May 2021
Meetings and Conferences under MCO Updated 1st March 2021
Ministry of International Trade and Industry Hotline
MITI Approved Professional Services for MCO
National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme
National Recovery Plan Phase 1 SOP update from 20 July 2021.jpg
National Recovery Plan Phase 1 SOP Updated 16th July 2021
National Recovery Plan Phase 2 SOP Updated 16th July 2021
National recovery plan SOP from 5th July 2021
National Recovery Plan SOP Summary 29 June 2021.jpg
Nationwide MCO SOP updated 2nd June 2021
Negative List 2021.jpg
Non Muslim Burial SOP during MCO
Non Muslim funeral SOP for MCO updated 25th May 2021
Non Muslim places of worship MCO SOP updated 25th May 2021
Office guidelines under MCO 3
Oil and Gas Industry for MCO
Pawnshop MCO SOP Updated 24th May 2021
Pemulih Programme.jpg
Permitted Operations for MCO from 1st to 14th June 2021.jpg
Positive List 2021.jpg
Private Security for MCO areas
Public Transportation MCO SOP Updated 24th May 2021
Reducing Mobility While Maintaining Productivity
Registration of Marriages during MCO
Research Development and Testing Laboratories Operation under MCO
School Bus Operations During MCO
Selangor state EMCO SOP for manufacturing and heavy industry
Sports and Recreation MCO SOP Press Statement
Sports and Recreation MCO SOP Updated 11th May 2021
Staff Capacity During MCO 3
Telecommunications Services MCO SOP updated 5th February 2021
Total lockdown from 1st June 2021 announcement
Trade and Distribution MCO SOP Updated 24th May 2021
Types Of Vaccines
Vaccination Phases
Vaccination Process via MySejahtera and website
Vaccination What You Need To Know
Veterinary Services for MCO areas
What Is The Difference On The Work From Home WFH Policy For The Private Sector Before 22nd May 2021
Who Counts as Management Staff


In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are many people and organisations in need of assistance and funding,
to continue providing help to those in need.
Contact them directly to lend your support.

NGO Website
DHRRA Malaysia
Dignity For Children
Health Equity Initiatives
Lost Food Project
Mercy Malaysia
Pit Stop community cafe
Puak Payong
Refuge for the Refugees
Suriana Welfare Society
Voice for Paws
WAO (Women's Aid Organisation)
What a Waste
Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia

Psychosocial Support Service - from 8am to 5pm daily

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